QuickBooks Integration. Complete.

Our Innovative Merchant Systems financial processing services will integrate your preferred point of sale (POS) seamlessly with your current merchant QuickBooks account. Using transaction-processing software that doesn’t integrate into QuickBooks can complicate day-to-day operations.

Point of Sale. Convenient Payment Processing.

Innovative Merchant Systems can help your company utilize POS software to conveniently grow your business and increase your revenue through your handheld device. Our comprehensive POS system allows you to process transactions, track inventory, and manage employees from virtually anywhere.

Mobile POS. The Modernization of Payment Processing.

Innovative Merchant Systems will modernize your transaction processing with our leading edge mobile POS system, iCMP. Safely grow your revenue with an Apple or Samsung device easily through a Bluetooth connection. Our mobile POS services can accept all payment methods including EMV Chip & PIN, Magstripe, and NFC (contactless pay).

EMV Compliance.
Advancing Your Business with Chip Technology.

In 2015, a new requirement was brought forth regarding the processing of credit card payments, making it necessary for merchants to become EMV compliant with chip technology.

PCI–DSS. For The Total Protection of Your Business.

Customer compliance is important to us. That’s why Innovative Merchant Systems will go the extra mile to ensure you have the right equipment and will protect your account from data breaches and non-compliance fees with our PCI compliance and data protection services.

Apple Pay.

Compliant Processing mobile POS services work perfectly with Apple devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Samsung Pay.

Operating on a Samsung or Android device? Fear not. Our Compliant Processing mobile POS package integrates seamlessly with Samsung Pay.

Innovative Merchant Systems’ Feeding America campaign provides 24,217 meals per month to families struggling with hunger in the United States.